Sixteen Years Later, Anthony Ervin Writes Another Golden Chapter In 50 Freestyle

Winner Anthony ERVIN (R) of the United States of America (USA) celebrates with his 3rd placed teammate Nathan ADRIAN after competing in the men's 50m Freestyle Final

Sixteen years after sharing the gold medal in the 50 freestyle at the Sydney Games with Gary Hall Jr., American Anthony Ervin again stood on the top of the podium in his specialty.

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One day, Singapore will make movies about Schooling, Hollywood will make a movie about Earvin.

The coolest (and oldest) Olympic swimming champion of Rio edition.


Anthony Ervin must go down as one of the greatest sprinters of all time. He is so relaxed, obviously one of the reasons why he is so good over 50m.

Then there is that stroke. Unbelievable. Smooth, Rhythmical, Powerful.

You have to wonder what kind of legacy he would have left had he never retired. Over the past 4 years, he has refined that raw speed he entered the pool with in 2012.

Can you imagine if, at that stage, it was already refined. My goodness we could have seen something spectacular.

He is a small guy (relatively) and he doesnt have a great deal of muscle. 1.91 m tall but only weighing 73 kgs. Great reach, great Power to weight. All of that combines for something truly exceptional.

Congrats to him, and i hope he can swim on to Tokyo 😀

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