Siobhan-Marie O’Connor Leads Last Brit Test Before Worlds As Scottish Cèilidh Closes

Siobhan-Marie O'Connor by Patrick B. Kraemer

Members of Britain’s world-championships squad completed their Scottish nationals campaign in Glasgow this evening with another set of solid efforts this weekend; Siobhan Marie O’Connor, of Bath, posted a very solid 2:10.70 in the 200m medley; and among those not heading to Kazan, Michael Jamieson puts in an unrested 2:12 but craves a sub-2:10 unrested

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This must be the strongest team Britain has ever sent to a world championships. The tougher qualifying standards has forced the competitors to go that extra yard and it’s a policy that has paid off.


Recent tougher standard cannot possibly produced instant results.

The road to British swimming excellence was initiated years ago by the British Swimming leadership who made the decision to hire Bill Sweetenham.

Bill Bell

Where were ( among others) Franny/Jazzy/Big Ben?

And was the Shane Ryan who won men’s 50 back the same ShanevRyan who,is I believe big Ten record- holder in the 100 yard backstroke for Joe Paterno’s favorite institution of higher learning — and who,is now based in Dublin seeking Irish citizenship for Rio?

And how come Walker-Hebnorns opted not to,swim 50/200 backs?

Fifty- three eighty one not too shabby presumably in midst of heavy training.
Guy’s 3:47-plus at this stage of game augers well too one would think.

Britain’s got a lot of medal possibilities for Kazan but only Peaty and O’Connor solid gold prospects.

Sorry but a Jazzy not gonna pipLedecky unless she breaks a leg and Franny not quite yet in the Campbells’ class (let alone a certain Swedish miss).

As for Uncle Sam’s prospects sans Ledecky golds may be few and far between.

Phelps had better get his act together for Rio but at 31 next summer Father Time may not be too kind to,him.


Indeed, note of Team GB strongest squads heading into a World champs. But as aswimfan mentioned, this is a strategy that was set in place years ago after the disappointment of London.

I think Team GB should be targeting 6-7 medals. Sounds a lot, but break in down and GB certainly have the depth.

– Peaty could medal in every event he swims (50/100/200BR and relay duty 4x100MED)
– O’Connor will struggle to overhaul Hosszu but a medal should certainly be attainable.
– Miley and Wilmott are both in the mix in the 400IM – I predict podium finish for Miley.
– Walker-Hebborn ranked World No.1 in 100BCK. Gold will be tough but medals there.
– Carlin should be on the podium in both 400/800M behind Ledecky.
– Ross Murdoch will swim the shorter 100BR where Peaty has the only faster time this year.

Other chances are Fran Halsall (50M FR) James Guy (400M FR) Dan Wallace (400IM) and solid relay teams.

Craig Lord

GBSwim, the strategy is one that Bill Furniss is happy to acknowledge was borrowed (held over) from Bill Sweeetenham’s days. It wasn’t popular then; not so now with some, either, but it is a mechanism that has steadily, over rocks and stones, led to a better pace in the stream.


Craig Lord,

Thanks Craig. Yes indeed, I know it has been a long and hard road to get Team GB to their current level of performance – the transition from Sweetenham to Furniss as head coach happening along the way.

We’ve had success in mid-season meets like the Mare Nostrum and I believe this has better-prepared our swimmers for competition racing in Kazan, against opposition who are all too familiar with turning up to race when the pressure is on.


Craig Lord,

I know you’ve given your prediction across each event, but what do you think GB should be targeting for their total medals won?


I reckon they’ll be lucky to get 4 for the girls (Siobhan, Hannah and Jazz), and 4 for the lads should easily be in their grasp.
We won’t do as well as the rankings would suggest – we never do!

Craig Lord

GBSwim: generally speaking and skimming the surface of what might be, a happy outcome might be 12 medals or more but the worth of any tallies can only truly be assessed when the scores are in: if they win 8 medals at a meet at which all podium placers race inside world record pace in every event (yes, I realise that won’t happen 🙂 but it makes the point I’m making), they will have done extraordinarily well; if they win three medals and all members of the team race a lifetime best, they will have done very well … but will know there is more to do (as there always is). The results of others, the pace of the event (among others things, such as skills and where the swimmers fit in the picture of progress), also govern how we might assess Britain’s overall showing at the meet. Hope that makes sense.


craig lord, I thought siobahn marie o Connor was English not Scottish.



Craig Lord

She is – the meet was ‘Open’, Roy


oops sorry. Thanks Craig.

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