Sharon Van Rouwendaal Cold Shoulders Injury To Turn Copacabana Orange

Sharon van Rouwendaal - marathon gold for The Netherlands - by Patrick B. Kraemer

Sharon Van Rouwendaal became the first Dutch winner of the marathon today, Copacabana painted orange by fans from The Netherlands , flags and clogs flying as she came home in 1 hour 56mins 32.1sec. The re-writing of history began before the race. “Welcome to Copacabana … this will be the first time the event is held in the open ocean.” Stop the clock: someone seems to have forgotten 1896, when it all began out in the wash of chilly 12ft waves in the Bay of Zea at Pireaus.

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I think the better decision would have just been to reverse the positions of two and three. A DQ seems harsh especially considering the confusion at the finish.
I would have thought that antibiotics could affect energy levels; a bit of a risk taking them. It’s that versus the worry of infection.


The course and placement of markers and buoys must be FINA-approved, right? right?

This would be like IAAF not ratifying Almaz Ayana’s 10,000 WR just because the organizers forgot to place some cones at several points per rules (which didn’t affect the runners anyway). Which thankfully, IAAF was not as stupid as FINA to do that.

tldr: the swimmers pay for the incompetence of FINA.


I support France protest and they need to take it all the way to CAS.

Craig Lord

Indeed, asf

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