Sergio Lopez Accepts Role As Associate Head Coach At Auburn University

Sergio Lopez and Sonya Porter in Singapore . Images: ragout from The New Paper, TV still and courtesy of Singapore Stars

Sergio Lopez is leaving his position as High Performance Director of the Singapore Swimming Association to become the Associate Head Coach at Auburn University.

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Swim Fan

Great appointment by Aurburn. Lopez has proven time and time again he can coach athletes at the top level. One question that must be asked though is how is Hawke still in a job?


Swim Fan,

I agree with you. Brett Hawke strike it lucky once when he had those sprinters Cielo etc and IIRC Auburn was the first one to identify the value of full poly rubbersuit and put all the swimmers in Jaked.
Funnily and ironically, Hawke vehemently denied that rubbersuits helped his swimmers in any way, leading to war of words between himself and Craig Lord in Floswimming.


I’m sure Singapore is paying coach Lopez tons of money, so wonder what caused him to decide to make a return back to USA after only a year.

Jorge Abril

Personal reasons, aswimfan.


Sergio had long been a ‘family first’ guy (reason why he left WVU for Bolles back in the day) and it could be as simple as his family not being happy with expat life there so far away from grandparents and such.

Ben Lafferty

It was Britain’s Nick Gillingham who won silver in the 200 Breast at the Seoul Olympics. Sergion Lopez won bronze.

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