Sarah Sjostrom Straps On Her Wings & Flies: 24.7 – & Then 52.28 Threat To Cate’s Free WR

Wings for flying: Sarah Sjostrom - Instinct - by Arena

As if flying down one long-course lap in 24.76 wasn’t enough, Sarah Sjostrom spread her wings once more today in Barcelona for a 52.28 blast in the 100m freestyle to leave no doubt about who stole the limelight and headlines as the Barcelona round of the Mare Nostrum tour came to a close.

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She’s just been throwing down performance after performance this season. The WR is under very serious threat. With the fine tuning yet to come, I think she will do it.

Jos van Kuijeren

Kromowidjojo made a mistake in the heats (9th). In the B-final she did better: 53.42, her fastest time this year.


They talk of such a thing as one’s “window of opportunity” and it would appear this period running through to include Worlds is SS’s such window to take down either or both the 50/100 free WRs. She’s been at a level of consistent excellence for some year in these events but its been her fly that has record breaking.

Now, with a much streamlined competition program with no 200free nor freestyle relays, she seems to have both form and opportunity.

Craig Lord

Thanks for the alert, Jos 🙂

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