Sarah Sjostrom Sizzles On A Cool 24.01 In Stockholm: Fastest Heats Dash in History

Sarah Sjostrom - courtesy of arena

Good to get some in-season racing under the belt but Olympic champion Pernille Blume may have felt like she has some work to do this summer at world titles when Sarah Sjostrom takes to her blocks in the 50m freestyle. The Swim Cup Stockholm on a calm spring morn: 24.01, to Blume’s 25.03. Ripping more than a second off an Olympic champion in a dash, even if it is the heat of a small moment, is not something you see every day. Sjostrom’s been at 24.01 already this year and holds sway aloft the world rankings with matching dashes with a difference: she is now the proud owner of the fastest 50m freestyle heat in swimming history

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