Sarah Sjostrom Set To Fly As Wings Await Her In Rio; Women’s Guide To London 2016

Sarah Sjostrom [Photo by Patrick B. Kraemer]

Swedish ace Sarah Sjostrom arrives in London for the European Championships and seven days of racing from Monday next with 14 podium visits to her name at the continental showcase, 7 gold, 6 silver, 1 bronze. The tally is about to get bigger but it is Rio that will write the lines required to elevate the sprinter’s status; our potted guide to the women’s solo events

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I am really looking forward to action getting underway.

John Svensson

Sjöström will only be racing 200 free in the heats, as she will head back home after the 5th day of competition. That’s also why she’s not in the 50 free and she won’t take part in the medley relay. She will however compete in both freestyle relays. It’s a practice meet for her citing “only training gets boring”. Winning 50/100 fly would still be expected, of course. 100 free will be tougher depending on how much the dutch girls taper.

Johansson also has this as a practice meet as she was tapered at the Australian nationals. She’s normally not that great in-season so will probably have a tough time winning the 50 despite Ruta’s absence. Sjödin has opted not to race individually, but I think he might swim a few relays as he’s officially named to the team.

Then when have Alshammar, this is basically her last chance to make the Olympics. Looking forward to see if she still got it.

Craig Lord

Many thanks John


At freestyle disciplines Sjostrom is currently 2nd at 50, 3rd at 100 and 3rd at 200. That is how it can really end up in Rio – two bronze an one silver medals. The probability not getting any medals at freestyle for her is higher than the probability to win three gold medals. Sjostrom is just not lucky to emerge with such extremely rare 50-100-200 versatility at the time of extremely rare talents of Campbell systers and Ledecky.



Sarah is third at 50 free, behind Cate and Fran.


@asf: tell it to Craig Lord. This site ranks Sjostrom #2 at 50 freestyle.

Craig Lord

Craig Lord is correct for 2016, Yozhik – Sarah clocked 24.17 in Austin. I believe Aswimfan means all-time 23.96 is Fran’s best, formerly the world textile best.

Kim Simonsen

Anja Kesely (2001), one to look out for?

According to the London psych sheet, 1.59 low in the 200 m free and 4.07 high in the 400 m free?

A new Ledecky?


Federica Pellegrini may swim the individual 200 free in London. She’s there in full training, and for sure will swim the relays. But if in those races will have good feelings, she’ll swim also the individual race.

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