Sarah Sjöström Scares Own WR With 55.68 In Stockholm 100 ‘Fly; Ruta Rocks Dash Ranks

Sarah Sjostrom - by Patrick B. Kraemer

Sarah Sjöström gave her own world record a scare with a whistling 55.68 victory in the 100m butterfly at the Swedish Open in Stockholm this afternoon; Ruta Meilutyte rocks the dash ranks with a 30.1 in the breaststroke dash

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Bad Anon

Sarah Sjo is so far ahead of her opponents such that even with a “bad” race in Riot, she’ll still make the podium

Bad Anon

…in the 100fly specifically


She was significantly faster at first 50 than she did in Kazan. That may cause her to breath every stroke on the way back. Whatever she does at this meet keeps me very confused. Sjostrom doesn’t have any problems to be qualified for OG. Then what all this fast times are about? It still can be a part of preparation process to see where she is standing being tapered. If it is so then why so slow start at 200 free. Maybe sprint races are in test now. Let’s see if her 100 free will be under 53 with faster than usual start.


Maybe, with the 200free not previously being part of her prime focuses, she and her coach MAY be trialling some different pacing strategies ?

Just a thought, could very well be completely wrong.


Commonwombat might be onto something here.
Apart from 2014 Doha SC worlds, Rio will be her first international champs where she swim 200 free. She’s never even swum it in Euro champs, long or short course. So, trialing different strategies now makes much sense.

I remember in early 2012, Camille Muffat also swam 200-400 at different meets with wildly different pacing strategies.


It is not exactly right, asf. Sarah Sjostrom swims regularly 800 relay in international waters. And she did it repeatedly in the same way that distincts her from anybody else who’s been under 1:55 since tech suits years. She starts as sprinter having the fastest start. But in contrast to other sprinters who have significant difference between first and last 50s Sarah’s fourth 50 is either even or faster than the third one.
It suggested that she had room for improvement should she has splits similar to Schmitt’s ones – fast but slightly steadily declining. What she is swimming this season (in Austin, ffn tour, here in Stockholm) is completely different and looks to me more like training exercise than trialling new strategy.


I forgot that Sjostrom swam individual 200 free in 2011 Shanghai and 2012 London. But since London, she has refrained from swimming individual 200 free at international champs.


And I agree with you, having 24.0 PB in 50 and 52.7 in 100, I don’t understand why she doesn’t start a bit faster.

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