Sarah Sjostrom Savours Status As Olympic Champion At The Start Of New Chapter

Sarah Sjostrom. By Patrick B. Kraemer

Olympic gold in the treasury with medals silver and bronze at Rio 2016, Sarah Sjostrom sets sights on sprint and says: “I’m trying not to think in a four-year Olympic cycle all the time now. We have other big competitions before the Games [Tokyo 2020] and let’s see first how many of those I do. I hope I will be swimming for many years. I enjoy being a professional athlete.” The trips and trappings of Rome on the road with arena at the start of a new life as “Olympic champion” only serve to reinforce the feeling.

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Great article. So it seems that there will be a parting between Sjostrom and Jenner. Will Bill Furniss be giving him a call maybe?
Was the 200 fly ever given serious consideration?

Craig Lord

Thanks Ger. Uncertain yet on Sarah and Carl. Lots of movement in athlete/coach relationships in coming months in many places …
We spoke about the 200 ‘fly and she never rules it out but it doesn’t make the list of priorities, something for minor moments. She did say that the 200 free and 100 ‘fly have more in common, for her, than the 200 on each stroke, the stamina work for the 200m free back-end important to her two-lap ‘fly.


A class act in every meaning of the term.

Future prognostications at this point can only be very airy. Some, like Sjostrom, will recalibrate their programs.

For the likes of C1, whilst there may be noises of seeking redemption in Tokyo; the issue of whether her physique (which has proven fragile) can last another full cycle. This may be more viable for C2; the issue may be whether she has already peaked or whether she has any more topside.

Will Oleksiak’s current trajectory continue upwards; and if so how far or will there be some specialising in certain events …. or will there be a stage of “plateauing” ? Will Rio be that “one brief shining moment” for the likes of Manuel & Blume ?

John Svensson

I am really looking forward to seeing what Sarah can do in the 100 free in the coming years, in an event with great competition going forward. Remember that despite her overall improvements, her 100 free PB still stands from Berlin 2014. That’s because it’s been a poor fit to her program in the championships since and it’s never really been a go-to event. Basically she’s been as fast or faster in season. She’s got three consecutive euro titles in the event. A sub 52.5 is waiting to happen, but hopefully she’s got even more to tap out.

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