Sarah Sjostrom Plants Record Flag on American Soil; Michael Phelps Owns 100 Fly

Sarah Sjostrom, by Patrick B. Kraemer

A pair of U.S. Open records by Sarah Sjostrom, including a 56.38 in the 100 butterfly, ignited her Olympic season in stellar fashion.

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Impressive how Sjostrom can put two amazing times doing two short strokes at the end of her races.
And seeing the first 50 of her 100fly, she looked smooth and in control.Vollmer was struggling a bit and the piano fell down in the last five meters.

Amazing thinking a 53.12 wont even medal at OG.


Was expecting Sjostrom, even “off peak” to administer a “butt whupping” to the local in the W100FS and she duly delivered. For all the what-if’s being generated by Ledecky’s (significant) PB; the US standard in this event is three to four rungs below the major contenders.

How to view Vollmer ? I think that it is fair to say that she’s IS likely to swimming legitimately competitive times come US Trials and she SHOULD be viewed as a very major contender for one of the Rio berths in this event. Sub 57sec ? Quite plausible but far from a done deal.

However, Sjostrom apart, this was an incredibly slow event in Kazan and it is fair to say that sub 57 is likely to be required to make the Rio final. It is far from uncommon for swimmers returning after some years out to get back to international class times; what is much much rarer is for them to return to or exceed their career highs, especially if they had been the top dog.

In short; I feel Vollmer is a very good chance of making the US team in the W100FLY and could be a chance to make the final, depending on how low she can get down to. She certainly COULD strengthen the US W4XMED. However, I do not see her challenging Sjostrom or medalling if the medal are decided sub 56.50.

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