Sarah Sjostrom Delivers Olympian Height For Sweden But What Reward For Coaches?

Sarah Sjostrom - Olympic champion - by Patrick B. Kraemer

You might well expect Sweden’s best haul in the pool at an Olympic Games, courtesy of Sarah Sjostrom, who delivered the first ever champion among women for the country, to have reflected well on her coaches. And yet, the future of Carl Jenner and Andrei Vorontsov hangs in the balance as Stockholm’s Excellence Centre prepares for the arrival of Johan Wahlberg as the new head coach

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John Svensson

It wouldn’t be shocking of course after just ending an Olympic cycle, but I don’t think it will affect Jenner’s personal training of her. He was her coach long before NEC started up after all, and it’s kind of two different jobs. Sarah will take a break from swimming for the rest of the year anyway, all of the short course reason including Windsor.

Craig Lord

Thanks John. It was great to see her step up in Rio. After that break, she will need some of that base training and 200 free prep to get back in and up… her choices will be interesting.


I read an article recently where she was quoted as saying she would not swim the 200 free in competition in the future.

I haven’t seen other references and it may be wrong or mistranslated.

Craig Lord

That chimes with other comments she has made, Ger, and may indicate a pure sprint focus in future…. of course, removing the 200 preparation may well affect the sprint too, especially over 100m… time will tell.

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