Sarah Sjostrom 25.07 Makes It 15 Out Of 20 Swiftest-Ever 50 ‘Fly Dashes For Swedish Ace

Sarah Sjostrom by Patrick B. Kraemer

On 24.99 for the European crown in London in May, Sarah Sjostrom matched the speed she mustered at Swedish summer nationals a year ago to keep the 50m butterfly crown in 25.07 in outdoor racing at Norrköping. Gold No 4 in as many days. And in the wake of the Södertörns Simsällskap ace who now boasts 13 of the best 15 efforts ever all suits and the best 12 ever and best 15 out of 20 in textile, the other Swedish sprinter who led the world in the past decade: Therese Alshammar, a mum, 39 this year and up from world No10 to world No5 this year in 25.78 racing for Täby Sim

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craig swanson

Can SV supply Junior world rankings?

Craig Lord

Craig, we have deep rankings that includes juniors and excellent data for all who make it to ‘elite’ (and who made it to that status for the past 40 years, courtesy of Nick Thierry) but we use that for our reporting purposes and won’t be displaying it on the site. Junior meets take place every weekend around the world. The vast bulk of that is not relevant to junior elite but some swims that are relevant doubtless take place at meets that don’t have live timing, that don’t even have a website beyond a club link to a pdf page showing you a meet took place are and are often overlooked by domestic feds. They are simply off the radar. Some of that is surpassed by swims then done at regional and national championships and in league events that are caught (but in a minority of nations) … what we do with senior rankings is keep up with events as fast as we can in order to provide as contemporary a ranking list as possible (if it isn’t contemporary, it is fairly useless for many of those who look at rankings with a view to doing their job). Year-end static rankings are something else and that we may display in future if there is resource to justify the work involved.

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