Salnikov Says Vlad Morozov To Appeal to CAS; Wants McLaren Report Published

4 down, three others to go too - Russia will race without Yuliya Efimova, Daria K. Usinova (see in-article photo for breakdown of relay image), Vladimir Morozov, right, and Nikita Lobintsev, left, at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games unless CAS says otherwise - images by Patrick B. Kraemer

Vladimir Salnikov – the president of the Russian Swimming Federation with a wave of problems on his plate, including two EPO positives that were never reported to the World Anti-Doping Agency nor FINA the international federation whose ruling Bureau he serves on – has announced that sprinter Vladimir Morozov will appeal to the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS).

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But the McLaren report has been published and can be downloaded from the WADA site. Or is that a shortened version?

Craig Lord

Yes, Ger, that is the shortened version: the names and details of which category of ‘problem’ each athlete belonged to has not been published.

Lawrie Cox

It will all be right on the night (IOC version). the snow job has begun act strong but flick the decision back to IF’s in the hope that they wear any blame in the first instance. having strongly (sic) supported the outcome the individuals appeal to CAS (who runs that again?). As part of natural justice that others who doped are allowed and no fully tested proof in a number of cases; the decisions will be overturned temporarily whilst the games are on and presentations made and deal with it when more time available.
Watch this space as it plays out in the hope the bread and circuses will provide enough distraction.
As for Salnikov he has already been dumped as part of the ballot result for Bureau members when he ran on the ticket against Barelli.

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