Ryan Lochte Officially Confirms 400 I.M.; Katie Ledecky Not Wavering On Stanford

Ryan Lochte by Patrick B. Kraemer

Among the revelations from Friday’s United States Olympic Trials press conferences was Ryan Lochte’s confirmation of his participation in the 400 individual medley; and Katie Ledecky is looking forward to Stanford after Rio

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Just as I predicted. His chances for 400 IM gold is slim, but he should swim it nevertheless just because there is no conflict with any other event on the first day so he can try his luck. This time around, It won’t be nowhere as easy for him to qualify, but he should get it.

I just hope he doesn’t swim 200 back and focus on 200 IM. I rate his chances for 200 back medal is quite slim, let alone gold.


re:Ledecky, it’s really disappointing that potentially American greatest female swimmer will not be able to earn money outside of scholarships and US olympics committee’s prizes. Ledecky could be ok with not getting all those millions because she’s from rich family, but what about those who want to earn and enjoy the fruits of their hard work by getting private deals but still want to compete NCAA?

This is 21st century. Why can’t NCAA work out a mechanism that satisfy both ameteur swimming college purists and yet still provide opportunity for the athletes to earn money from sponsorship deals etc.?
For example, athletes who choose to earn professional/private income is still allowed to train and compete within NCAA but must forego all scholarship funding.


I hope Ledecky swim 400 IM prelims AND final. It will be amazing to watch Beisel – Dirado – Ledecky – Eastin go at it in the final!!


I hope that Ryan will bypass the 200 Back, and concentrate on the 200 IM. I would love to see an epic battle in the Olympic final between Ryan and Michael. This would be one of the highlights of the Olympic Games. I think it will take the first sub 1:54 in the event to win, and I think Michael will prevail.


We were robbed of the gigantic 200 IM battle in London, as Lochte was clearly spent and his obvious disappointment from his 200 back swim.


OH MY GOD!!! AWESOME NEWS INDEED!!! The most beautiful event and Ryan´s in!!!
And sorry aswimfan but I think Ryan´s chances are not slim but very solid indeed. 400IM is Ryan´s Kingdom. Alright! Daiya looks superpowerfull killer, he´s already swam 1:54 200fly and 2:10 200breast, off peak, which is totally crazy. But Ryan´s probably got the most powerfull tapering in the world, and he´s an old dog, and mentally the strongest of the field.
His words: “It’s one of the hardest events in the sport of swimming, and that’s why I love that event” are awesome. Pleasure to read that from him. What a guy!!!
Anyway, I guess the olympic gold´s gonna be 4:06, and Daiya, Kosuke, Chase and maybe Verraszto asweel can do it, but my bet is Ryan.


If Lochte goes 4:06 in Rio, he’ll probably win it. The only other one who can probably going 4:06 is Hagino. I can’t see the rest going 4:06 (as it would be huge PBs for each one of them), but stranger things have happened at the Olympics.


No, Verraszto 4’06 absolutely not.
Btw I’ll cheer for Ryan 🙂

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