Ruta Returns: Meilutyte on 30.4 & 1:05.8 In Comeback 100 After Ben Proud Goes 48.5 PB

Ruta Meilutyte of Lithuania
Ruta Meilutyte of Lithuania - world record holder - by Patrick B. Kraemer

Ruta Meilutyte elbowed fears of an Olympic title defence derailed by a fracture last September when she stopped the clock at 1:05.82 in the 100m breaststroke in the opening session of finals at the Edinburgh International this evening after watching Plymouth Leander teammate Ben Proud rattle the British records shiny and textile with a 48.52 victory in the 100m free; Adam peaty on 27.6 in the breaststroke dash – and Siobhan-Marie O’Connor on 2:10 200IM and 58.7 100 fly after that

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paolo rubbiani

A mention for Stephen Milne in the 400 free (3.48.51 his winning time but above all a good, easy progression in the last 100 metres).

Ben Proud really improved in this season, both in 50 and 100 free. A new dimension for him.

Meilutyte powerful as (but perhaps more than) always: impressive her first-half in 30.40, but I would say her first 75-80 metres, like Rudd explained.

Considering that she’s more a 400 im specialist (and I think she’ll perform greatly in this distance), good impression from Aimee Willmott in the 200 im.

Remarkable double for Siobhan-Marie O’Connor, always great in the 200 im: a real pity for her that in her best event she has an “Ironian” obstacle to overcome.

graham wardell

If that swim is unrested for Proud, it will be interesting to see how much he can drop by trials and then Rio. Must be capable of 47 easily.

Likewise Ruta, great to see all that speed in heavy work on her first 50m. She is back to top form with lots of time to get better by the Games


Pleasing swims by Ruta, SMOC & Proud although I have to disagree with Graham; another half second drop is still one helluva leap of faith. Sub 48relay split I’ll certainly buy that possibility but 48low more likely flat start …. swimmer’s progress is very rarely linear or regular in pattern or chronology.


My god, look at those calf muscles she has!

What’s good about Proud’s swim is the back half in 25”. I disagree that he can swim 47″ “easily” (breaking that 48 barrier is never easy for anybody) but I will concede it in the realm of possibility.

Craig Lord

Yes, not easily, but Ben P looks like he has it in him to challenge the 48 mark, ThereaL.

paolo rubbiani

What’s really promising about Ben Proud is his clear improving trend in this season, both in 50 and 100 performances, both in SC and LC.
When all these things happen, we can really think at a new dimension for a swimmer, and the words of his coach, early in the season, about the new training regimen of Proud, and his confidence to see remarkable improvements in his performances, also considering his peculiar swimming history (he started swimming very late and in a pretty relaxed way) appear realistic indeed.

In swimming nothing is sure, but I think that with a good 2 weeks-taper Proud could swim between 48.0 and 48.2 in the 100 free and 21.4-21.5 in the 50 free at British trials in Glasgow at mid-April.

Felix Sanchez

Excellent to see Meilutyte so fast so soon after her injury. It does suggest that she’s now on course to be at full tilt for Rio. However, I still feel that Efimova* may get the better of her; the key may well be Meilutyte overcoming her championship habit of going slower from semi to final.

David Brooks

An easy 21.8 in the 50 heats this morning too. If he really can get to 48 flat and low 47s in the relay then GB has to be a real medal threat in the medley relay. If they can find a sub 51 flyer, even gold is possible.
A pair of sub-61s from Peaty and Murdoch too today.

Felix Sanchez

One of those sub-51 flyers you just find lying about.

Big drop for Adam Barrett or anyone else. They’ll have a good team anyway: Peaty is such an advantage to have in a medley relay.


Tend to agree with Felix, outside of the USA those sub51 flyers are just soooo plentiful !! GBR were just off the podium last year with a makeshift flyer (Guy) and an off-form Proud. Even fixing one of those issues (Proud swimming much faster) and they’re probably 2nd money behind USA.

David Brooks

Well I’m not suggesting a solo sub 51, just a return to that type of relay form for Barrett, or for someone else to come close. Low 51s would probably be enough if Peatty remains superhuman and Proud breaks through.

paolo rubbiani

Adam Barrett should just find again the shape of 2014, when he was a pivotal member for British 4×100 medley relay wins both at Commonwealth Games and the European Games.
Barrett, with great flying starts and underwaters, swam 51.02 at Commonwealth Games in Glasgow and a huge 50.69 at European Champs in Berlin.
With “such a Barrett” and Proud’s improvements in the free-leg, Great Britain would be a serious contender also for Usa.


CW, it will all come down to the butterfly,

Peaty best time will beat Packard by 1.5 seconds
McEvoy 1 sec on Proud
Larkin 1 sec on Walker Hebborn.

So Australia has 1/2 second lead with makeshift flyers (Guy for Britain) & (Chalmers for Aus).

Craig Lord

On paper, Robbos, whether the likes of CWH will be a second away from ML come the hour is another matter … and etc, etc.. 🙂


Of course Craig, it’s all on paper, theory, the same can be said in regards to Peaty v Packard, will Packard be 1.5 secs away on the day.

This is why I love relays,s some swimmers swim out of their skin & others freeze.

Craig Lord

Yes, Robbos – and we know that most of those in the scenarios you paint can and do step up in relays, Peaty having amassed a fair treasury in relays in the past two seasons…

paolo rubbiani

I agree, medley relays are fascinating before fairly unpredictable (but not if you have a real “dream team” like: Peirsol, Hansen, Phelps (Crocker), Lezak.., for them the question was only about WR..).
Some swimmers perform better than expected, other worse than expected, and not only because the medley relays are at the end of Championships/Olympics, and so tiredness/freshness of every swimmer is a major factor.
Some examples from last Worlds.
McEvoy is a great swimmer, but nobody could expected the monster relay (46.60) from him, not enough for the medal though, because of the 51.9 in the previous fly-leg from Hadler.
And Metella’s fly-leg at 50.39 was unpredictable and decisive for France’s bronze.
Japan’s breastrokers’ strenght is well-known, and typically the trouble for Japanese team was in the free-leg..: not at last Worlds where Shioura swam a very good 47.59 in the free-leg, but Koseki’s 59.31 wasn’t enough to keep Japan in the fight for medals.

Felix Sanchez

To be fair, most of the time ‘on paper’ does come through; however, right now we don’t know what the paper is. By the time they line up for the medley relay final we’ll have a good idea of everyone’s form, but predicting on last year’s results is a different story. After all, we’re using last year’s results to compare Larkin and CWH, but that was a big change from how they compared at Commonwealths the year before; who’s to say there won’t be another swing?

Craig Lord

Quite, felix…too early to say where the speed is going. The Olympic form guide will be set in July 🙂

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