Russian Nationals End In Moscow With Repeat Doper Dashing Onto Rio 2016 Roster

Play True - but they didn't: Natalia Lovtsova, top, and the teammate she accuses, Ksenia Moskvina

The last women’s solo final of the championships served to remind us all of Russia’s status under the anti-doping spotlight. On 24.97, Natalia Lovtsova qualified to race at the Rio Olympic Games over 50m freestyle in a time fastest than she had ever swum when she first tested positive for a banned substance and then again when she tested positive for a second banned substance.

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the Russian playbook always shifts blame elsewhere. “I was sabotaged my a jealous teammate”; how often has that been heard. Now it’s, “I didn’t know my teammate was cheating when I grabbed her water bottle”?

Stretches credulity.


Ban them all, cheats who think its ok to cheat are the cancer on sport, and not just swimming!


I don’t know whether we should be happy or laugh, but at least in this case Russians have not yet developed sophisticated ways of fabricating stories how they doped.
And why couldn’t they just blame it on the supplements, after all that’s a popular choice of excuse among dopers.. That, or eating meat from cattle grown in inner Mongolia.

Craig Lord

gheko, a tip: the word bull**** places your comment directly in spam


It is a simple rule of human nature, give some people two chances and they will take both. Swimming fixed this same parallel issue with False Starts long ago: ‘You break. Your out’ For comparison we see the never ending problem of athletics starts still a plague for the sport.
Therefore. there is a logical case that zero tolerance for doping would most likely go a long way to resolve this problem, through life time bans.
Paradoxically, however I do understand and have sympathy for FINA getting China and Russia, along with other non-top tier swimming nations, ‘into the tent’ for the benefit of all peoples across the world. and for the advancement of swimming. I guess this view is compromised or flawed with the reality of corruption and Nationalism as those nations seek a short cut to success, or perhaps hoping to move to. and stay at the top level.

The gravest concern now is this recent trend by WADA and FINA to open the flood gates, and with these increasing tolerances the wedge of doping thickens and may win.

This must never happen!!!

The zero tolerance campaign must start now!

Craig Lord

Ozijoe, all good (though, having watched closely how some key figures in FINA handle doping and what they have said, what they have done, for three decades, I can tell you I have no sympathy with FINA and all that means: national feds, experts and many others should long ago have told the top table ‘we will not tolerate you tolerating this’. The idea of FINA being ‘zero-tolerant’ is a joke – and certain folk at the very helm know it. Legion is the evidence that his is not opinion – it is fact).

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