Check Mate: Russian Rook Fatal For IOC – Swimming In A Swamp At Rio 2016

According to Russian media, citing Vladimir Salnikov, the president of the Russian Swimming Federation, Yulia Efimova*, Natalia Lovtsova**, Daria Ustinova*, Michael Dovgaluk* and Anastasia Krapivina*, may now all join Sun Yang*, Park Tae-hwan* and every other previously suspended swimmer on the doping case file in the race here in Rio.

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Shame, shame, shame…..


These IOC and FINA goons just can’t go soon enough! I really can’t believe they are in charge of our sport!
When can we start the revolution?


Forget everything below the IOC, and lay blame for the assault on the integrity of The Games on the “protectors”. While everyone on Sport was looking for the IOC to protect and defend our Games, the IOC was looking for a patsy to could blame. Apologies to Patsy.

On the eve of the Games the IOC has proven themselves unworthy of the leadership they were entrusted with and the respect they demand. Start reform at the top and all gets better.

Craig Lord

Some are the same people, Pegasus. The top would certainly have to force a clean out from top to bottom. Leaving any remnant of what is there now would be to leave poison in the pool.


Yes, they are Craig. In my limited observations, and in the words of William Wallace (if he actually said them!),”You’re so concerned with squabbling for the scraps from Longshank’s table that you’ve missed your God given right to something better.”

The head that needs to roll is … ?

clive rushton


Edward Longshanks – “The problem with Scotland is that it’s full of Scots.”

Everyone outside of Lausanne: The problem with Fina is that it’s full of …” (Complete as appropriate).


Clive– touche’

Steve Levy

Carrard Consulting SA? Really? For those who don’t know, the firm’s Founder is the former IOC director general François Carrard.

Craig, I understand that FINA hired Ulrich Haas, an attorney who sits on the CAS Board to review the FINA doping protocols; is there anything “special” about this arrangement?

Craig Lord

Steve, I don’t know but obv., somewhat within the system, so to speak…

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