Russia Locked Out Of Rio 2016 In Unanimous IAAF Vote As Spotlight Turns On Coe

How the BBC portrayed the text message exchanges between Lord Coe and Diack Jr [BBC still]

Russian track and field is out of the Rio 2016 Olympic Games after the world athletics governing body, the International Association of Athletics Federation upheld a ban on the nation’s athletes imposed in the wake of a state-sponsored doping scandal. IAAF president Lord Coe faces recall to Parliament in Britain after allegations that he misled MPs – Panorama focusses on what he knew and when he knew it and on Coe’s relationships with Papa Massata Diack, a man sought by Interpol

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Is this the first time that a sports federation from a single country is banned at the Olympics for doping crisis?

Craig Lord

Yes, it is, asf, good call – added a line plus a list of nations banned before (for other reasons).


Kuwait is also under IOC suspension again for “undue government interference” in its national Olympic committee. Given that in many other countries, the government and committee are one and the same, it’s either a really bad situation or an attempt by the IOC to set an example of a country that isn’t too important to them.

Kuwait’s athletes that have already qualified for Rio- largely fencers and marksmen- are invited to compete under the Olympic flag, but there are rumbling that they and their families will face sanction back home if they do that.


In an article on Inside the Games today (excellent general Olympic sport blog for those interested) it’s noted that the Bulgarian weightlifting federation, without nearly the fanfare, had previously banned from Rio over excessive doping violations, making Russian track the second program under that kind of global suspension.

Craig Lord

beachmouse – the reader should also know that Inside the Games is at least partly a sponsored organ of the Olympic movement and associated bodies and works with PR companies related to all of that.

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