“Rules Are Rules – We Won’t Reconsider Park Tae-hwan Case”, Say Korean Olympic Bosses

Park Tae Hwan faced the media at his public apology in Seoul [TV still] last year

The Korean Olympic Committee will not budge on Park Tae-hwan’s bar on national selection until March 2019: “Rules are rules, and records are records,” said Cho Young-ho, the KOC’s secretary-general, at a press conference in Seoul marking the 100-day countdown to Rio 2016. “We are not going to reconsider Park’s case.”

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This is correct that Park should not swim in Rio. I was always for a one cycle Olympics ban for drug cheater.
But it pisses me off that the likes of Sun Yang will swim in Rio, not to mention the possibility of Efimova (I think all of FINA honorary members must resign if that happens).

Craig Lord

Just so, aswimfan.


If Park does go to the CAS and wins, would he swim under the Olympic flag? Korea can’t be forced to select an athlete.

Craig Lord

True, Ger, it can’t be made to do so. It would be an interesting dilemma for the IOC, FINA and that ‘zero-tolerance’ policy.

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