RIP Mentor Clive Rushton – ‘Swimming Coach. That’s it really. What else is there?’

Clive Rushton - courtesy of the Rushton family

The swimming community far and wide across the world is in mourning today as the news ripples out that coach Clive Rushton passed away overnight. A coach, educator and mentor in Great Britain, Canada, Greece, New Zealand, Singapore, Hong Kong, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, an Olympic swimmer for Britain at the 1972 Olympic Games in Munich, Clive was 69. He had been battling cancer since a tumour was discovered in his neck last Christmas. He died at home in Bali, Indonesia, where he lived with his wife Martini. Clive was once asked to describe himself. He replied: “Swimming Coach. That’s it really. What else is there?” Campaigner for doing the right thing, one might well add, considering the work that ran alongside his pursuit of knowledge of how the human can move most efficiently through water

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Amanda Booth

So sad to hear the news today about Clive Rushton, my condolences go out to his family.
As a young age group Coach I was fortunate to work with Clive in Salford. His thought provoking questioning challenged me to be inquisitive and look at the sport in a different way. He inspired me to have an enquiring, open mind and to never stop learning. These lessons have stayed with me & shaped my coaching over the years.
RIP Clive.

Craig Lord

Thanks for that memory and your tribute, Amanda.


Sad…. so sad…. R.I.P. Clive….

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