Rio 2016 Reveals That 19 Of 31 Blocks In Athletes Village Yet To Pass Safety Tests

The Olympic Village - Rio 2016

The Rio 2016 organising committee has acknowledged that 19 of the 31 buildings in the Athletes Village have yet to pass safety tests as the competitors start to pour into Olympic city 2016 for the start of the Games next week.

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kevin roose

Staggering situation beyond beleif really…….why wasnt the IOC all over this months ago , what is the purpose of the evaluation trips the IOC committee members take to Rio?
I must say though i am reading glowing reports by individaul sports people from differant countries on the feel and surroundings of the village …..
Safety is prority number one though not pretty trees and architecture


The Venezuelans are also now complaining about the Village. When people coming from a country where toilet paper is a hard to find luxury item have issues with how the Village is being built and operated, there is a big problem indeed.

kevin roose

Wow what about Belarus they have complained stating that ther quarters are insanitable ……not clean for living……..
The venues seem to be top notch glowing reports coming from the athaletes…

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