Rio 2016 Olympic Organisers Unveil The Green In The Gold, Silver And Bronze Medals

The Green in the Gold Silver and Bronze os sustainable medals - courtesy of Rio 2016 Organising Committee

Rio 2016 organisers have unveiled the ‘green’ medals that will be competed for at the Olympic Games and Paralympics this August. A total of 2,488 medals, each weighing 500g, have been minted: 812 gold, 812 silver and 864 bronze, some extras in the mix just in case of ties

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Felix Sanchez

More bronzes isn’t just for ties, which can happen for gold or silver as well. In boxing there is always two bronze medalists.

Craig Lord

Indeed, Felix, the ties were mentioned purely with swimming in mind (all colours have extras, as you say)


Almost all sports that are time/score based can have ties… Track and Field, Rowing and so on.

4 medals given I think Only Boxing and Judo. Don´t know if Tae Kwon Do gives 4 medals too..

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