Rio 2016: Largest Olympic Village In Games History A Cathedral Shy Of “Olympic City”

The Olympic Village - Rio 2016

The Olympic Village is a cathedral shy of becoming Olympic City for the Rio Olympic Games: the home of 18,000 athletes and officials during the Olympic Games in August and the Paralympic Games in September, the village will be the largest in Games history, say organisers.

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I wonder if teams are allowed to bring their own fridges.

Craig Lord

I think that’s precisely what they will do (those who can afford it/have thought ahead), asf

kevin roose

Thats a great picture of the village , its doesnt get much better ……interesting most of the furniture has been supplied by a Australian company furniture made in China of course .


I’m not sure the electrical grid could handle too many additional fridges. They already had to go back on the idea of only air conditioning the blocks of the national federations that were willing to pay for AC.

(For all that is wrong with cycling, one good thing they do on the Grand Tours is control and rotate accommodations so every team, not just the big budget ones, gets its share of nights spent in four star or better hotels, and even Sky spends its share of Tour de France nights in the private rooms of a youth hostel.)

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