Red Faces At FINA As Chinada Reports Qiu 9-Month Doping Ban After Penalty ‘Spent’

Qiu Yuhan - ragout from

China’s Qiu Yuhan, a double 2014 Youth Olympic gold medallist and London 2012 Olympics team member, was banned by the China Anti-Doping Agency (Chinada) in May 2016. The news just made it to the official record of Chinada, the national anti-doping agency, but remains unreported by FINA, the international federation.

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I have zero confidence in Chinese swimming and even less in FINA. But, other nations have to be more vocal, not just individual swimmers, but swimming associations. Your swimmers are racing against opponents who are not subject to the same rules as your own. It is appalling that they continue to get away with it.


Ger, much as I’d wish it otherwise, I’m not realistically seeing too many international swimming federations making too much noise.

With some it may be a case of stone and glass houses but for all too many (including some strong nations), these bodies are nigh exclusively concentrated on an existential battle of financial survival as public funding continues to dry up and commercial dollars hard to come by and often transient when present.

Realistically its going to need to be pressure from IOC, blackmail in the form of threatened major “exposure” from WADA and/or threats of withdrawal from the sport by any “institutional investors” (equip manufacturers. timing etc) to bring FINA to heel. National federations are too self interested or worried over their own continued existence to provide the impetus.

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