Recalling The Steely Grip Of Grant Hackett From His Days Of Dominance Over 30 Laps

Grant Hackett, who stretched to two Olympic 1500m golds and more - Patrick B. Kraemer

Recalling days of steel: I was ready for him this time, though my fingers hurt only marginally less than they had the first time we shook hands. Grant Hackett, aquatic ironman with an iron fist, smiles broadly as he perceives a slight grimace on my face: “A firm hand – something my mum taught me.”

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Steve Levy

CL, I suspect you probably read this over on USA Swimming ( but it sure would be one heck of an interview if Hackett, Jensen & Davies could sit down with you for a spell.

Swimming sure unfolds its benefits down the road in mysterious ways.

Craig Lord

That would be great, Steve. I placed that link in copy at the appropriate place… thanks.

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