Rebuilt WADA & Power Of Penalties To CAS Would Shut FINA Out Of Anti-Doping

International federations such as FINA are on course to be divorced from any involvement in anti-doping; the World Anti-Doping Agency would be the parent organisation under which all national anti-doping bodies would work; the Court of Arbitration for Sport, not national federations and their international masters, will hand down penalties; while those who facilitate doping could be held criminally responsible, regardless of whether they hail from countries with such provisions in national law to not, under proposals set out at the Olympic Summit of the International Olympic Committee in Lausanne today.

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While USAS is not a perfect organization, if you compare how they handled the Jessica Hardy case and were willing to screw up their whole Olympic team over her removal, and how the Chinese handle their cases in secret and timing suspension to not impact major meet participation, it’s not even close.

I can well understand Bowman’s frustration with the huge variation in penalties given for similar cases.


beachmouse,2008 Beijing Olympic Games on the eve of Jessica Hadi and Ouyang Kunpeng has been detected positive clenbuterol. The difference is that Hardy was a ban for one year, Ouyang was lifelong suspension.

Craig Lord

And then there were 3 more clenb cases in 2015 from China, ronaham: a warning was given, no suspension; two of them qualified for Rio 2016 but were not selected. China continues to impose its own arbitrary conditions and penalties. Not good. Harmonisation is required, for all concerned. The reason why China was harsh in 2008 was because it had a home Games and saving face was important. There should be no reasons beyond the case in front of those charged with judging the circumstances of cases for ‘softness’ or ‘toughness’.


Agree with Craig here. China and Russia will throw a sacrificial athlete under the bus now and again especially those you are out of favor with the State Machine or those at the end of their careers ( Ouyang Kunpeng was 28 when he tested positive) .

This is a pathetic attempt to appear to be tough on doping but in reality makes those countries look even more complicit when they dish out warnings for clear doping positives.

They need to work out that these political games can work in countries with state sponsored media but the rest of the press free world can see it for what it is, a crude ineffective attempt to deflect attention from state sponsored doping or poor records of appropriate doping sanctions.

Bring on WADA sanctions for all ASAP.

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