Realm Of Ruta Meilutyte & Rikke Pedersen, Pace Pioneers Who Felled Shiny Standards

Ruta Meilutyte of Lithuania
Ruta Meilutyte of Lithuania - by Patrick B. Kraemer

SwimVortex continues its series on how swimmers, coaches and swimming speed have coped with the onslaught of shiny suits in 2008-09. Today: Women’s Breaststroke – the 2013 season will go down as highly significant in the history of women’s breaststroke speed along the thread of progress. All three world records, over 50, 100 and 200 metres, were cracked as standards came under pressure from several quarters, at the helm of pioneering pace, Ruta Meilutyte in the sprint events, Rikke Pedersen over 200m

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