Queens Of Consistency: Why Sarah Sjostrom Gives Her Rio Rivals The Butterflies

Sarah Sjostrom by Patrick B. Kraemer

Rio 2016: “For Sarah’s butterfly the key has been coming out relaxed, it’s getting that easy speed, that front end speed, relaxed out and getting on to the wall fast but relaxed and that gives Sarah the ability to come home on those times on that back end speed that she has.” – Carl Jenner explaining Sarah Sjostrom in a slipstream

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100: Unless she “self destructs” under pressure, no one will be within the same post code as Sjostrom. It’s the minors where this one gets curious.

Whilst both Worrell & Vollmer are both in the equation; I would only think that only one can be on the podium. Whilst its creditable that Vollmer has returned to where she has, its unlikely that she can hit her 2012 mark. Worrell ….. lots of hype, does she really merit it ?

Any one of the Ottesen, Chen, McKeon, Oleksiak scrum could be there. Some have the PBs in the likely range whereas others may need 0.5sec PBs but have been on upward kicks. As to whom ….. your guess is as good as mine For AUS, McKeon’s performance will be pivotal given this is a leg of 4XMED where they are in potential deficit to US

200: A lottery. Belmonte has the pedigree but is this the Belmonte of old ? Groves ….. can swim the times but yet to prove she can do so when it really counts. Hentke … another who has yet to swim her best times in the biggest meets.

Hoshi probably looks the favourite although if Belmonte IS “on”, this possibly reverses the order. As for other medal(s), I think this will depend on whether this is raced at 2.04-2.05 or whether the minors are being contested on/around 2.06. If its the latter, you have a veritable rugby scrum


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