Queens of Consistency: Ruta & Rikke Own The Clock; Can Any Match Their Best Pace?

Ruta Meilutyte sets sights on Kazan crown - [Photo: La Presse, for Arena]

Rio 201, women’s breaststroke – Whatever pans out in Rio, Ruta Meilutyte will defend her crown as a teenager yet, as contender and as the owner of something that cannot be taken away: gold as the youngest ever winner in the 100m at an Olympic Games. She and Rikke Pedersen rule on the clock from the 2013 season. Can they get back down to best pace? Who can go with them? And will the breaststroke events highlight the impact of swimmers suspended returning to the fray beyond their fall from grace?

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David Brooks


Looking at the official start lists I see that Siobhorn Marie O’Connor is not entered for the 100 breast. I think that’s a pity. Based on her un-rested 1:06.3, you’d have to think she has 1:05 in her, and that would be right in the medal mix, especially without Efimova. Plus, it would give her a run out before her main event.
The Brits seem to be giving up a few medal chances, if you ask me. Not switching Benson for Murdoch in the 200 breast sacrifices a potential medal, even possible gold. Not taking a dedicated female flier for the relay puts any medal chance in jeopardy given that SOC is close to a second quicker than the next best over breaststroke but barely faster, if at all than Thomas or Kelly over Fly. Then there’s the lack of Fly cover for the men’s medley relay where they will rely on the already busy Guy. Finally, and this is a stretch, but could they not have pushed for a place for the women’s 4×100 freestyle? They wouldn’t trouble the US, Aus or the Dutch, but if one of those slips up, which is always possible, the bronze is truly wide open. The emergence of Freya Anderson as low 54 relay option puts them in realistic reach of a 3:35 (SOC 53.7, Anderson 54.2, Jess Jackson 54.7, Halsall 52.7) that would push Sweden for 4th.
But why would GB need to maximize medal chances?!


Looking forward to this race. Redemption day. Craig, any news on CAS ruling for Effimova**?


DB, can agree with you on some but not all.

Benson for Murdoch M200BRS – on board with you there

SMOC for W100BRS ? If there were a bit more gap between 100BRS & 200IM then I’d fully agree. However, there is a crossover and, assuming she made the 100BRS final, she would have a 200IM semi in the same session.

Whilst, notionally, she could make the 100BRS final, its dangerous to assume that as a certainty and she’d need to be motoring to do so. I can see your argument but also the counterargument.

Agree with your comments re W4XMED.

Understand and can concur to a degree re fly for M4XMED but the “specialists” just haven’t seemed to have “stood up” and made a case for themselves

Think you’re pushing the envelope to the max re W4X100. Whilst your weaker legs would probably be “par” with SWE’s weakest, SMOC is still a tic below Coleman & Fran’s probably no longer a sure bet for a sub53 split let alone matching up to Sjostrom ! And you’d still have to get past CAN who are the sneaky “movers” in this event.

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