Queens Of Consistency: How Hosszu Hung A Warning Sign On The Medley Mash

Katinka Hosszu by Fabio Ferrari - LaPresse

Rio 2016: Katinka Hosszu arrives in Rio for battle on medley and more not only transformed beyond recognition from the swimmer we saw four years ago but as one of the biggest favourites for gold in the pool, the 200m as sure-fire as any predicted win could be, the 400 not as certain but given that it falls first, as solid as any swimmer could ever hope for

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Attila Riez

Only time can erase those question marks. If she finishes her carrier after Rio or next year, after Budapest, they will still stand solid, such as for the two-year-wonder reigning (Olympic) champion, who is simply not present at the moment (at the age of 20). But, if Katinka will still stand on the podium in Tokyo, no one can argue any more that she has joined the hall of Hungary’s national heroes. For a simple layman, like myself, the key of her miraculous transformation is called Shane Tusup. Her coach’s motivational speech at the London Games was: “Never mind if you miss it out, you still can open a beauty saloon in Budapest.” Katinka has always been talented and determined, but seriously lacking self confidence. Over the last three years that is not the case any more.
Her endurance and body shape should not come as a surprise either. If not racing, she has 13 long hard trainings a week (8 in the pool and 5 in the gym).
“Win the first one and Hosszu will be on a roll. Miss it and the story could be very different.” I could not agree more on this touch. But, she won’t miss it. My personal opinion is that she is stronger on 400 than on 200. Let’s see what happens on the first day. Hopefully someone will run up on her (like DiRado did on 200 in Kazan) and we can witness another off-the-chart time.

Attila Riez

* Sorry, that (DiRado run up) happened on 400m. Katinka turned at 300m 3.52 inside Ye’s record, then finished out of it with 1.96. That 5.48 secs on 100 metres should be explained…

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