Prelims Day 6: Ryan Cochrane & Jazz Carlin Set Out In Chase Of Distance Doubles

Pride of Three Lions at Glasgow 2014 - Ben Proud [Photo: Gian Mattia D'Alberto / lapresse]

Day 6 heats: Ryan Cochrane (CAN), in the 1500m free tonight, and Jazz Carlin (WAL) in the 400m free this morning, have a shot at distance doubles on curtain-closing day. Men’s 200m medley and Chad Le Clos is in the hunt once more – and the 4x100m medley relays.

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W400FS: Most major players looked to be keeping powder dry for main event. For mine it’s Carlin v Boyle. McLean – cannot be discounted. Barrett – was she foxing or is she running out of gas at the end of the meet ? Hard to know as she is a v enigmatic performer in intl competition. Fairweather – can she back up from an impressive heat swim ?

M200IM: F-H & LeClos played “silly @%^*&%@” and nearly paid the price of not qualifying. VERY stupid habit to get into intl competition ! Tranter faster QF and has to be considered given he finallled at last year’s Worlds but not convinced he’s intl top level. Wallace has the advantage of a partisan home crowd to push him along psychologically. He’s having a stormer of a meet; will be interesting how/if he can replicate away from home. Expect a diff Le Clos in final

M4XMED: CAN 2nd fastest QF but they really don’t have the “cattle” to step it up to another level in the final. RSA fielded VDB in heats but will sub in LeClos & Shankland for final. Expect them to medal but their opening back leg will most likely consign them to bronze. AUS fastest QF but essentially meaningless as ENG will field 3 gold medallists on 3 of their legs. Back & fly look advantage ENG, at best 0.5 on each but not inconceivable that they could be much closer. The issue will be whether a lame Sprenger can hold the BRS deficit to something like 1.5 which is a conservative view of the AUS FS advantage. Money has to be w ENG.

W4XMED: CAN will be competitive on back/FLY & to a degree BRS but they are giving up 2.5sec to AUS & 1sec to ENG on FS which really consigns them to bronze. AUS should be clear favourites but it may be closer than many think. Seebohm should give a lead on Back of the best part of a second but she can be erratic in relays and can throw in an ordinary one at times. This should decide whether the race is close or not. A good leg should nullify the potential ENG BRS advantage. Fly is a small advantage to ENG via O’C but McK is having a similar sort of meet. ENG could be going into FS with a lead of around a second but C1 has FH covered by around 1,5. Not inconceivable ENG COULD provide an upset but have to favour AUS.

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