Precursors To Doping & How To Avoid Them By Switching From Ego To Task Goggles

Prof. Joan Duda empowering coaching in Lund - Photo by Cristian Von Sparr

The timing of Ethics Day at the World Aquatics Development Conference in Lund, Sweden, could hardly have been better. A precursor, if you like, to WADA IC report No 2 in the wake of WADA IC Report No 1 and the weight of woe contained in media investigations at ARD and The Sunday Times. All a far cry from the world it might be if they’d listen to Prof. Joan Duda, who says: “It is possible to set a stage for optimal performance but also in a healthy environment in which athletes can grow within and beyond their sport.”

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clive rushton

Well, serendipity strikes again. You have no idea how beautifully that fits with something I’m working on at the moment.

How you do that?

“Look through the topics covered by an average swim coaching qualification and you may never find the box to tick the things that Duda and Co are getting at.” Surely there’s a typo in that sentence; “may never” should be “will never”.

They are not there. Missing. Absent.

They have not gone astray or been omitted or misplaced because those adjectives infer the significant things were present in the first place. No, they are simply not there.

Craig Lord

Excellent 🙂

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