Pieter Van den Hoogenband: I’ll be Dutch Technical Director If Fed Boss Goes

Pieter Van Den Hoogenband - by Patrick B. Kraemer

Pieter Van den Hoogenband at top of list in race to become next Dutch technical director but says the MD who ‘lacks vision, experience and ambition’ must go if he is to take the job; and his partner for three years, Ranomi Kromowidjojo, provides great tips and insight into preparing for another Olympic year four years after double sprint freestyle gold at London 2012

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Ranomi is PVDH’s romantic partner?

Craig Lord

They went out for 3 years (latest references in Dutch media february this year), asf


I would be concerned then about conflict of interest situations if the position has a role in national team and relay selections.


I don’t think it is gracious of him to make the removal of a specific person a condition for his commitment. In public.


Imagine if they have children together, the sprint freestyle world records they would set would never be broken.



I wished it always work that way, but it does not.

We already had Kornelia Ender + Roland Mathes whose only child suffered from mental disability, Mark Stockwel + Tracy Caulkins whose five children’s swimming exploits are nowhere near their parents.

I think the most successful swimmer whose both parents were swimmers is Gary Hall Jr.

Steven Zorn

Pieter and Ranomi split up last year. Ranomi is now romantically involved with Ferry Weertman.


Given the expectations that would come with her gene pool, I hope that if little Manon Manaudou-Bosquet chases sporting bliss, it’s for something like beach volleyball or javelin-throwing where she would not get quite so many comparisons to mum, dad, and uncle.

Craig Lord

Steven, thanks for the update on Ranomi and VeryFastFerry 🙂

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