Peaty, VD Burgh, Murdoch, Koch, Koseki: Rio 2016 Breaststroke Battle Barcelona Bound

Adam Peaty of Great Britain by Patrick B. Kraemer

News Round-Up: Adam Peaty, Cameron Van Der Burgh, Ross Murdoch, Marco Koch and Yasuhiro Koseki top the list of entries for the Barcelona round of the Mare Nostrum Tour next month; Mack Horton turns his Land Rover over, escapers with hairline fractures to nose and cheekbone – coach Craig Jackson confines him to bed and baths; Corruption inquiry starts into Rio 2016 Olympic venues; and action at nationals in Turkey and Romania

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That’s one crazy breaststroke lineup in Barcelona. I love marenostrum series especially during Olympics year. We are going to be pampered with some fine swimming next week with marenostrum and US pro series.

As for Horton, nowhere near embarrassing and serious an injury as Ryan Napoleon had in the lead up to London. Glad that he’s ok, but olympics bound swimmers need to be more careful; don’t want a Hagino cycle accident to repeat.


Craig the Brazilians will be there too. França and João. We will actually see the probable previews of 100 final of Rio except the US swimmers.

Craig Lord

Thanks Rafael. What a line-up.

kevin roose

Unfortuantly when you analyse the results the Australians posted at there trials Mens Breastroke is a real weakness as is the Butterfly . Womens / Mens 400 I.M will be a struggle to see a finalist as well.

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