Peaty looks to write Winter’s Tale in 200; Ireland select 12 for Euro Youth Olympics

Peaty's power in a partnership with coach Mel Marshall - snapped by Gary McCaffery on training camp in Tenerife this month - courtesy of

Olympic 100m breaststroke champion Adam Peaty will take on the 200m at the Swim England National Winter Championships in December as he looks to book his slot in the four-length event for Team England at next year’s Commonwealth Games in Australia.

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Given the fight for the 200BRS at 2018CG looks to be a fight between the Brits (Wilson being the only real potential interloper), its probably an ideal “toe in the water” opportunity for Peaty at the longer distance.

No AUS at Japan Open after sending delegations the last couple of years ? Also no notice so far regarding Santa Clara (another regular venturing point in recent years) ? Whilst a return to Mare Nostrum is to be applauded; if that is to be the only foreign venture pre Worlds then all they are engaging in is a reshuffle and indeed a comparative “retreat”. Then again, one suspects it may be a matter of $$$ and cents given Swimming AUS’s recent spruiking exercises for corporate $$$

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