Park Tae-hwan Urges Korea To Go Softer On Doping With ‘International Standards’

Yonyap started its report of Park Tae-hwan's third win in Gwangju at 2016 Olympic trials with the word 'Disgraced'

“Disgraced South Korean swim star Park Tae-Hwan laid out his case Wednesday for being allowed to compete in the Rio Olympics despite an extended ban for doping.” So starts a Yonyap report on the latest push in the 2008 Olympic 400m free champion’s campaign to get himself back in the hunt at Rio 2016. That…

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70% of South Koreans want him to compete.. so what? The begging on hands and knees was pitiable, and his comments about athletes who ‘enhanced national prestige’ are laughable, considering what happened subsequently. I hope he isn’t in Rio. Maybe they can do a separate 400m Freestyle* event in some other corner of the world.


I hope he won’t be in Rio.

At the same time, the thought he won’t be in Rio because South Korea has more strict anti-doping policy while both Sun Yang and Efimova will be there makes me sick.

Craig Lord

Quite, asf – all those who fall foul of WADA Code should sacrifice an Olympic cycle, minimum. Enough.


Isn’t Efimova’s case still ongoing?


Apparently, FINA are holding a hearing on the 30th May to consider her case.

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