Park Tae-hwan Misses Crunch Meeting With KOC & Seeks Rescheduled Negotiation

Yonyap started its report of Park Tae-hwan's third win in Gwangju at 2016 Olympic trials with the word 'Disgraced'

Park Tae-hwan today postponed a meeting with the national Olympic body over his appeal to race at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games after returning from an international suspension but being blocked by a domestic rule on national-team representation.

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Mr. Lord: A comment I read on another website insinuated that Park may have found out his blood sample from 2008 tested positive and therefore decided not to continue pursuing the 2016 Olympics. Do you think that is a possibility?

Craig Lord

Danjohnrob, I referred to the 2008 retests at the end of my article in part with that in mind. We cannot know if that is so. At this stage we know only that he, along with a fair few other swimmers, would have been in the pool of retests because the target sample was “athletes who raced in 2008 and preparing for a return to the Olympics in 2016”


Thanks for your reply, Mr. Lord. It will be interesting to see how this all plays out, but since I have so little faith in the organizations doing the investigations and making the decisions, I think it’s a safe bet that the end result will be unfair to the clean athletes competing in Rio. This continues to be the best website to visit for unbiased journalism about the issue of drugs in the sport of competitive swimming!


Since one of the reported 2008 positives is a Spanish runner will not be in Rio because she is now serving a lifetime ban from the sport for doping reasons, I suspect that WADA might actually have gotten their ‘possibly in Rio’ list by sorting a computer spreadsheet based on who never officially turned in retirement paperwork rather than by actively paying attention to recent results.



it seems to be that way. It is disheartening really. Also I wrote that it is strange they retested fewer London samples than Beijing’s even though it is highly likely there are more London medalists continuing to Rio.

Also, they should have focused on those who tested positive in between the olympics, such as Yang, Park, Efimova, etc.

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