Park Tae-Hwan Begs For Rio Ticket But Keeps Door To CAS Ajar For Uncertain Challenge

Park Tae-hwan as he appeared in the Asian media begging the KOC to select him for Rio 2016 - ragout The Malaysia Star

Park Tae-hwan has resorted to begging: not, as yet, when it comes to asking forgiveness of those he races against but at a meeting with the Korean Olympic Committee (KOC) today; CAS leader notes that the court of arbitration has no jurisdiction that would allow it to force the KOC to comply should any athlete challenge a domestic rule

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As long as the underlying policies are not discriminatory in nature, each federation should retain the right to select their national and international teams as they see fit with no interference from an international entity.

(And yes, as a sporting fan, I reserve the right to say when I feel like a selection policy is unfair or idiotic like with some of the decisions the UK, Australia and France have made in recent years.)


As a swimming fan, I really don’t want to see Park in Rio, even if there had been no additional 3 years of ban by the KOC.

It’s the same feeling I have about the presence of Sun Yang etc in Rio. Especially Yang. Even when he tested positive, he didn’t miss one single swim meet that he was supposed to swim: 2014 Asian Games, 2015 World championships. And was even officially lauded by FINA as the best male swimmer at worlds.

Craig Lord

Yes, aswimfan. Honour and bowing down etc only mean anything at all if they are directed at the community you’ve wounded: namely your fellow competitors. Sorry would mean accepting that this summer, you’re out, having forfeited your right to race at the Olympic Games. Of course, the presence of Sun and many others across all sports will be galling for Park, any sense of injustice he may feel one of the ironies of the whole sorry saga.
The issue would be resolved if the authorities stood firm, globally. All those who fall foul of doping would miss the Olympics that follow their foul. And all who do so for the highest category of offence without clear proof accepted by a court that foul-play of a different kind or other strong mitigating circumstances (and that would not include the likes of Efimova supposedly failing to read a label), should be banned for life. It is wearying to watch cheats continue to prosper season after season, especially when those cheats are often big names, the little bloke from the developing world slapped with four years and gone without anyone of those big names of their fan Cornel Marculescu saying ‘you can’t condemn the stars for a minor doping offence’ … presumably because the ‘star’ status in the director’s mind grants them a different level of passport.


Its not right, he needs his sponsors! he is a superstar in korea!

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