Paris 2024 Olympic Bid Logo Links Modern Vibrant City With Eiffel Of Glories Past

The Paris 2024 bid logo projected on to the Arc de Triomphe - courtesy of Paris 2024

The city of Paris today unveiled the logo for its campaign to become the Host of the Olympic and Paralympic Games in 2024, the iconic Eiffel Tower at the core of a design that captures the “dynamism, radiance and openness” of the French capital, in the words of organisers. And so it does

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The logo looks ok. It’s just meh. Nothing inspiring.

Craig Lord

Inspiration, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder, aswimfan – I never feel ‘inspired’ by any of those things these days, to be honest but I’ve seen what logos and imagery and the messages and aspiration therein can do when attached to real people/real athletes 🙂 The children of Paris will embrace it – it will be on the walls of sports halls, schools and so on. I like the logo – it speaks to Paris.

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