On This Day 44 Years Ago: Aussie Shane Gould Set The Last Of Her 11 World Records

On this day 44 years ago, Shane Gould, with three Olympic gold medals and two other podium visits from the Munich Games of 1972 – a record solo tally never since matched among women swimmers – established the last of the 11 world records she set between April 30 1971 and February 11, 1973.

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Jay Jenkins

Shirley’s silver in the 100 was in 1972 behind another American. She placed fifth (would have been bronze) in ’76

Craig Lord

Jay, I know what the results were, as we all do, of course 🙂 It was a general statement about the number of silvers – “‘largely’ behind GDR swimmers and State Plan 14:25” 🙂

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