On The Return Of The Sharapova* Return, Efimova* Supplements Her Next Rally

Yuliya Efimova and the supplement she is lending her name and face to

On the return of the return of Maria Sharapova to tennis, we consider the latest move of another who tested positive for meldonium in 2016, albeit with different outcome and consequence: Yulia Efimova, beyond Trojan in California and lessons about the risks of taking supplements, puts her name, Russia cap and Speedo goggles to a Russian supplement launch for L-carnitine

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This is extremely concerning as this legal supplement; Levocarnitine has clearly been proved to be performance enhancing. Check out this study (double blind randomized) over 24 months published in the journal of Physiology 2011:


Am I missing something or is WADA not doing its job. Maybe it’s time to have a limited legal supplement list ie supplements you can take ie whey protein vitamins etc and everything else is banned. Also TUE’s should be restricted to genuine medical emergencies and approved for use out of competition only with a suitable waiting period before the athlete can compete again.

Also, using any medication outside of the published indications (uses) for that drug should be a doping offence.

We have had athletes artificially enhancing performance from Meldonium and other substances for years until WADA woke up and banned them but these athletes simply identify the next medical drug or substance and use outside of medical indications to enhance performance.


Pavel Buyanov

@BoetMate, all that. Also, create rules and laws that will ban anyone for life. Even for the first offense.

What disappoints me the most in what is going on in Sport right now is that Sport lost its spirit. I was an athlete. Now I am a coach and I feel like the only true Sport spirit remained on the age group level. And, maybe, some college level.

The problem is not in WADA or FINA or IOC. The problem is in people. We lost the true values and indeed are not able to trust each other anymore.

The war against drugs cannot be won. It is the war against humans nature.


Sadly @Pavel Buyanov I agree with you.

The degree of doping and doping cover-up by country correlates fairly precisely with the country by country corruption index:


Currently 2016:

Canada ranked 9 (score 82)
UK ranked 10 (score 81)
Australia ranked 13 (score 79)
USA ranked 18 (Score 74)

and much lower down the rankings:
China 79 (score 40)
Russia ranked 131 (score 29) among the most corrupt rubbing shoulders with Nigeria

If the leaders of countries condone , permit or engage in corruption, its no surprise that these countries athletes are equally short on morals and ethics and pretty much will dope if they have a reasonable chance of success.

Based on the ranking above, according to sound audit principles of risk evaluation, I know where WADA should be focusing efforts.

Craig Lord

Spot on BoetMate

Craig Lord

Pavel, I appreciate your point but all too easy for people in highly paid (real world plus the nonsense of per diems that mount up to many times the average main-bread earner page in Europe, for e.g.) positions of responsibility to hide behind bad things on the basis of ‘well, its only human nature’. That doesn’t stop society dealing with all manner of things that fit the same category. It should be the same with doping, which rips at the fabric of how we behave and how we relate to one another, as we saw in Rio and will see again. As for the spirit of sport surviving only in age groups… 2 points, that’s unfair to the clean athletes an coaches at the elite level – and yes, they’re out there; and it misses rogues working with children, too. One of Russia’s key problems, as I see it, is that poor culture has too often set in very early on. China, all the more so because of rogues being tolerated in positions of authority over others. Such things are tolerated at great price. And the folk tolerating it far more than they ought include the custodians of sport and anti-doping.

Pavel Buyanov

Yes, Craig. Im with you on that. And Im not hiding behind the “human nature”. All Im saying is that what is going now is broader than just steroids and sport. You can see similar things happening in other areas of our life like politics, business, health etc. And simply fighting against doping is fighting against an effect but not the cause.

Craig Lord

I agree Pavel, quite so. I wasn’t suggesting you’re the one hiding behind ‘human nature’ argument … just that cheats do that, along with ‘well, they’re all doing it, so why should’t we (age old excuse)’ and it is also a phrase I’ve heard mumbled by many a lazy blazer as they shrug and wander back to their cocktail bar.

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