On 2:02 Over 200 Free at 12, Ajna Késely Takes Euro Junior 800 Crown In 8:34 At 14

An age to start hunting for titles [Photo: Aniko Kovacs]

It was 2014 when a 12-year-old called Ajna Késely clocked 2:02.63 in the 200m freestyle at Hungarian nationals. Two years on and the Hungarian is a European Junior Champion, an 8:34.37 good for gold in the 800m freestyle in the opening sessions of finals at what for her is a home continental youth titles, in Hódmezovásárhely today

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Barnabas Mandi

PBs of Ajna Késely (2001 – ED…14 years old) 55.93,1:58.06,4:07.90,8:34.37 at the moment.
All of them are Hungarian Records from 14-16 years of age, the 200m also in 17. So yesterday she swam PB in 800m and 5 minutes later 56.29 as the first member of the 4x100free relay team.


Do you know how tall Ajna is? And who is her coach?

The good news about Hungarian young phenoms are that they usually continue to develop into great swimmers when they get older, so I hope this is one of those good ones.

Barnabas Mandi

Finished it after the Europeans in London.

Barnabas Mandi

Relatively fresh datas.

David Brooks

Do we know why Holly Hibbott didn’t race the 800?


She looks like a young 14, which is a good sign for future success.


Thank you for the info.
So she’s not that tall, must great power to weight ratio and good technique then.
I hope she gets much taller.

Craig Lord

I would imagine she won’t, asf – but she’ll be as big as Janet Evans was 🙂

Barnabas Mandi

Their weights are the same 🙂

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