Olympic Summit To Reinforce IOC Wish To Have Anti-Doping Removed From FINA Brief

Russia got to chink glasses with the IOC once more in Rio - but the IPC locked the nation out of the Paralympics, with CAS backing [All images are stills from "Red Herrings" by ARD]

The International Olympic Committee will reinforce its wish to have anti-doping removed from the auspices of international federations such as FINA in a move to a fully independent system when it meets sports leaders and the World Anti-Doping Agency bosses at the Olympic Summit in Lausanne on October 8

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While its a positive step, I will remain skeptical. Hopefully it will be more than a PR talk-shop and a timetable for some real meaningful structural change will be agreed to. Russia’s participation as a state that currently sponsors doping is controversial as is China who routinely dishes out minor or zero sanctions for clear doping positives. But without these 2 no real change could be initiated.

I would have liked to have seen invitations to more of the leading mostly “clean” countries ie GB, Germany, Japan etc to balance the NOC countries representation.

We remain hopefully for clean athletes worldwide.

The key stumbling block will be the money ie countries will have to fund an independent policeman to undertake all national anti-doping activities and I am not sure that Russia would ever agree to this. The IOC needs to make this a prerequisite for participation in Tokyo 2020 and beyond.

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