Off 4:12.66 Effort in 400 Medley, Ryan Lochte Facing Some Serious Internal Debate

Ryan Lochte - by Patrick B. Kraemer

Ryan Lochte went 4:12.66 in the 400 medley, leading to the question of whether he’ll pursue the event for the 2016 Olympic Games.

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Lochte looked so smooth on the 100 fly. I think the focus on speed in the last little while has really done a wonder for his 400 IM.

The rest of the swim was fine for this time of the year. If the splits drop a second for each of the last 6x50s we are looking into a really good swim by OT.

The rest of the splits are fairly even (baring the first 50 of backstroke, not surprised after a 55. opener).

It will be quite a special repeat if he can do it.


He may or may not swim 400 IM.

But he needs to drop 200 back. He should have dropped it in London and he should drop it in Rio as well.

A reasonable schedule for him that would maximize his chances for golds: 200/400 IM, 200 free and 4×200.

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