No Sun, Wang Under Cloud Of Clenbuterol Positive At Olympic Trials: How Now, China?

Yang Sun of China
Sun Yang by Patrick B. Kraemer

The absence of Sun Yang, a positive doping test forever in tow, the presence at Olympic trials of Wang Liuzhou and An Jiabao, their positive doping tests under FINA review but no provisional suspension made: what are we to make of China as its national championships and Rio selection racing get underway today in Forshan?

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Yang is maybe still trying to find alternative to Trimetazidine and Meldonium.


aswimfan, I think you are right on the money.

Now that there is some external focus on drug testing in China and FINA have grudgingly agreed to review the clenbuterol reprimands, I reckon Yang is lying low in hard training free to use whatever he needs to remain competitive and he can avoid in competition testing by not competing.

I am sure this sounds very cynical and will probably offend any Chinese readers but the evidence indisputable from the 1998 World Champs in Perth through to sorry state of affairs where we have clenbuterol positives getting a reprimand today and those athletes competing at Nationals.

leif kim

@aswimfan,what a bad thought for u
(leif, the word you used I edited… we reserve that for people who really are, and no-one here is that, thanks)

Cindy T

If not mistaken, Sun Yang’s medical proof was issued by a hospital from Zhejiang. His team is Zhejiang team. Is there any medical proof issued by International Authority? If not, I don’t trust the so-called medical proof by the Zhejiang hospital. They can get one so easily.

Craig Lord

No Cindy T, no international checks and balances on that same score. The system is flawed when it comes to straight acceptance of medical claims, trust having played a very big part in anti-doping but trust having been so often broken than no-one actually trusts the trust placed in process by those at the helm of into sport and anti-doping, if that makes sense…

Cindy T

It sounds to me that anti-doping is just a matter of how are you playing around with the regulations.

Craig Lord

For some, Cindy T, that is most certainly the case, with, until now, if not the blessing, then with the appeasement of federations and anti-doping authorities.

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