No Smash Of Guitar For Cam McEvoy & Aussie Mates Ahead Of ‘Healthy Rivalry’ With USA

Cameron McEvoy (Swimming Australia), eyeballing but no smashing guitars as he prepares for battle with Olympic 100m free champion Nathan Adrian (USA) - inset by Patrick B. Kraemer

Give them their due: they tried really hard – but the hopes of Australia’s Channel Nine and a certain keeness to rescucitate the sprint saga of Sydney 2000 were smashed like guitars by a mild-mannered Cameron McEvoy and mates at the Australian swimming conference here in Rio today. Plus Jacco Verhaeren’s tribute to Forbes Carlile: He also uttered these poignant words: “Every coach who is selected to an Australian team gets a ring. Mine is No113. Forbes’s ring said No1. He is the No1, the genuine alpha, the Lord of the Rings if you like. He reinvented coaching.”

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Good side step from McEvoy …. and wise; FRA may very well beat both of them in that relay !

Love Jaco’s response … maybe one of the nicest media “squelchings” to be delivered during the entire circus.


I also loved that response. I don’t even care about the relays that much, I just want McEvoy to take down the individual 100 free WR.
Not sure if it’s possible but it would certainly bring so much joy to see another shiny suit WR go down to someone with such an amazing talent and technique.

craig swanson

Our strongest Olympic swimming squad since Melbourne 1956. Go Dolphins.

craig swanson

Where is my username INTHEFASTLANE SW?

kevin roose

Like what i m hearing or not hearing from the Aussies :
Dont want to talk about number of gold medals.
Dont want to talk about London .
Have a healthy respect for the Americans .
Is all about about each individual doing there best on the night .
We are one unit supporting each other .
All good stuff said , Jako has the team speaking and thinking the same ….huge culture change ….
Will it bring gold ?

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