No More Punishment For Aussie Sprinters, Says AOC

James Magnussen, left, at the start of a very fine 2013 season in Perth (Courtesy: Swimming Australia)

The Australian Olympic Committee will not to impose any further sanctions on the Aussie men’s freestyle relay swim team for the use of the sleeping tablet Stilnox in the lead-up to the London Olympics. The substance had been banned by the AOC weeks before the Games over dependency fears; Swimming Australia issues statement

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Mike in Dallas

Just viewing it from the outside, it certainly looks as though this is a “moderate” slap on the wrist — not much more. The question that always remains to be answered: Does this kind of ‘punishment’ help to deter others in the future from doing the same? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. . . . . .

If I had been on the receving end of their highjinx, I doubt that I would be laughing — or forgiving! After all, this was an Olympic training camp in Manchester, not some swim clinic on the Gold Coast.


I believe that being under constant scrutiny and bashed by the wordsmiths of Aussie media for years is a heck of a punishment for one occasion of stupid behaviour.

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