Nimes With Noël Nigh & We Find 47.98 On The Clock Courtesy Of Florent Manaudou

Florent Manaudou of France by Patrick B. Kraemer

Nimes with Noël 2015 nigh and we find Florent Manaudou on a 47.98 in calm clear waters at the Christmas Meet (Meeting de Noël), a year-end festival that brought man of the best swimmers in France together for racing one last time in 2015.

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Hi Craig,

At least he is swimming 100 FS but at no risks. I hope he will try to find solid opponents before Rio. Under 47.5 will be necessary for a win at the olympics.
Concerning the 100 FS ranking there was as far as I’m right a 48.34 from Jeremy Stravius (in November in Dubai or Doha) and a 48.37 from Mehdi Metella at the start of the French relay in Kazan. Were they forgotten or there is another reason?

Craig Lord

No Pierre – the last two world cups need switching from red to green – and I haven’t had time to check for duplicates yet (name duplicates are often a problem, with swimmers entered in different meets with variations on their names…) … Metella was overlooked – now there, with most other relays but I see two incompletes in the list … all updates and green lights on will be done by first week in January but have updated the significants you highlight from top 30 – thanks for the alert 🙂

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