Never Off Olympic Podium, United States 400 Freestyle Relay Looking For Right Pieces

Nathan Adrian - USA
Nathan Adrian - by Patrick B; Kraemer

The United States has never failed to medal in the 400 freestyle relay at the Olympic Games, and a spot on the podium is likely again in Rio. On what step the Americans stand is the question.

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Bad Anon

Phelps, Feigen, Dressel, Adrian ~ final
Held, Ervin, Lochte, Dressel~ prelims


So, the puzzle where USA has 6 relay-only swimmers in all 3 relays has not been solved?

John Lohn

ASF, in terms of figuring out the final spots, some pieces still to fit.


ASF, FINA has been doing their best “Sergeant Schultz” impersonation with regards to enquiries relating to interpretation of that rule. It would seem it will be ignored with regards the USA situation.

Note (for those younger members): Sgt Schultz was a character in the 1960’s (but often repeated) TV comedy “Hogan’s Heroes”. A bumbling but genial soul, Schultz’s main line was “I see nuttink, I know nuttink !!”


I guess answering this query is far down FINA priority list, when they are busy performing doping flip-flop somersaults.

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