Much That Glisters Remains Gould As Katie Ledecky Chases Greatness With Her 11th WR

Katie Ledecky - by Patrick B. Kraemer

Katie Ledecky, her 11th world mark in the bag, is pulverising her peers as she charts a course for the all-time standards: all that glisters is Shane Gould, says coach Bruce Gemmell as his chases Olympic milestones and the world-record measures of some of the greats of the sport, including USA standard bearer Debbie Meyer (15 WRs). Ledecky now has 8 of the best 10 800 efforts ever, including the top 7

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Based on her potential, personality, and career trajectory, Ledecky seems to be having a relatively long swimming career, and therefore, health permitting, she is very likely to become female GOAT swimmer by the time she retires from the sport.


End of this year or next year, I’d like to see her to swim SCM seriously and rewrite the SCM WRs.

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